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Tracy Nameth


Tracy Nameth grew up in Grand Rapids and is a MSU SOP graduate from December 1999. She is very involved with the SOP through multiple venues. She was elected to the board in October 2012. She implemented a Distance Mentoring program at the school in 2011 designed to mentor students remotely and help them to navigate their way through their internships and their introduction in the packaging working world. Tracy has spent her career in food packaging, beginning with Campbell Soup, Pepperidge Farm, Unilever Food Solutions and Kraft Foods. Tracy started her own Packaging Consulting company, “The Packaged Deal, LLC” in Chicago, IL in 2016. Most recently, she is managing the Packaging department at Amplify Snack Foods, a Division of the Hershey Company. When she’s not developing new packages, Tracy likes to Crossfit, follow MSU sports, travel internationally and spend time at her cottage on Lake Michigan.