2014 MSU PAA Packaging Design Competition

Posted: October 16th, 2014 by Michigan State Alumni Association

For a number of years, the MSU Packaging Alumni Association has hosted a Packaging Design Competition for all MSU Packaging students. This event has generated an amazing amount of unique packaging design and marketing ideas.Additionally, this competition has been used as a feeder for the Ameristar and Worldstar events for those interested in competing. Hats off to all who have participated in the past.

Similar to prior years, Dennis Young has been instrumental in championing this event and including it as a part of his PKG 330 class. This has given students a great opportunity to hone their design skills, as well as interact with industry experts during the design and report out phase.

Below you’ll find the details of the program. If there is interest in supporting this process from a mentor or sponsorship perspective, please contact Chip Foster at Chip.Foster@PepsiCo.com . We would love to have more industry folks interacting with the design teams.

Team Project Package Design

Section 1: Product Categories

Select one of the following categories for your development project.

Entry Categories: If deemed necessary, judges may re-categorize entry

Organic Food and Beverage: packaging used for food products or beverage that is specifically produced from organic sources and is certified.

Drug & Pharmaceutical: packages used for prescriptions, over the counter, medicines, nutraceuticals or botanical supplements.

Electronics: packaging for computers, telecommunications equipment, stereos, TV, radio, phone, mobile electronics (ipods), tablets, photographic and scientific instruments.

Health & Beauty Aids – packaging used for toiletries, fragrances, soaps, hair & skin care, dental care, shaving, etc.

Household Products – packaging used for products used in the home such as detergents, hardware, paint, solvents, lubricants, insecticides, gardening supplies (plants, decorations & furniture) and pet care products (food and grooming) and automotive products.

Promotional / Display – any package intended for promotion of products (sample packs, seasonal packaging, point of purchase display.

Important note: For PKG 330, do not use an existing product, product name, brand or other potential intellectual property for an existing product or manufacturer. Create your own product and brand. You may base it on existing products or product types.

Section 2: Team Project Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged on their merit based on the following criteria, 20 points each criteria, 100 points total. Grading on same criteria and distributed among milestones (see below).

Branding: The design incorporates the brand and enhances the brand equity.

Innovation and Creativity: Application of new ideas, materials, manufacturing technology and structures. Creative graphics and integration of structure and graphics.

Product Protection: The design recognizes product characteristics and specifically addresses the protection of the product from dynamic, atmospheric and other potentially damaging effects. Cushioning, barrier, sterility and hazardous considerations.

User Experience: The package design is effective in producing a positive post-purchase consumer experience. Specific features keyed to product characteristics.

Sustainability: The package design incorporates materials, structure and features that demonstrate environmental, societal and economic responsibility and minimizes the impact of the package while being fully functional.

Section 3: Milestone Evaluations

Milestone 1: Branding, product, objectives: due 10/10/14

Brief report defining the brand, the specific product, marketing objectives and needs.

Online review with PAA team will be scheduled.

Milestone 2: Design review: due 10/31/14

A presentation including package design structure and graphics, detailed sketches or other drawings, outline of package materials, production and use. User experience considerations and sustainability.

PAA team online design review will follow submission.

Milestone 3: Final design and presentation

Final written detailed report, structure and graphics and all judging criteria addressed. Brief presentation to summarize the project and the report. PAA judging from report and presentation. Physical prototype highly recommended but not required.

Section 4: Deliverables:

Deliverables by milestone

1. Brief report, good sketches or other drawings. Computerized drawings not required but use good representations and details in sketches.

2. In depth presentation summarizing all aspects of the project, for design review. Initial physical prototype if possible.

3. In depth report, plus summary presentation. Physical prototype recommended.

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