MSUPAA Package Design Competition Results

Posted: March 11th, 2015 by Michigan State Alumni Association

We had a fantastic turnout for our design competition, aligning with Dennis Young’s PKG 330 class. In total, 19 teams participated, developing unique and innovative packaging and products. From this group of 19, the judges made the tough decision to choose the top 3 team designs. The judging criteria were based on the following:
Branding: The design incorporates the brand and enhances the brand equity.
Innovation and Creativity: Application of new ideas, materials, manufacturing technology and structures. Creative graphics and integration of structure and graphics.
Product Protection: The design recognizes product characteristics and specifically addresses the protection of the product from dynamic, atmospheric and other potentially damaging effects. Cushioning, barrier, sterility and hazardous considerations.
User Experience: The package design is effective in producing a positive post-purchase consumer experience. Specific features keyed to product characteristics.
Sustainability: The package design incorporates materials, structure and features that demonstrate environmental, societal and economic responsibility and minimizes the impact of the package while being fully functional.
While all teams exhibited some of the best designs since the inception of the competition, the following 3 were the best of the best:

1st place – Team #15 – Utter Delight Organic Milk
Team members Kelsey Boyd, Andrea Clisch and Blake Shadow
2015 Design Comp 1Utterly Delicious is a new, organic milk for kids with a refreshing and fun package. Saying goodbye to old-fashioned milk cartons, Utterly Delicious is packaged in single serving, circular, clear polyethylene terephthalate bottles containing 13.5 fluid ounces. Opaque labels will be used to protect the milk from light exposure, and will have spots resembling cow markings. The cap, made of polypropylene, will be pink and resemble a cow nose.
2015 Design Comp 2The milk is available in organic regular, chocolate, and strawberry milk. The individual serving sizes are sold in a wooden crate, similar to crates that clementines are sold in, to resemble the cows on the farm. There will be six individual servings per crate, two of each milk flavor. The crates will have all nutritional information listed on it so that the individual bottles can keep a clean, simple look.
2015 Design Comp 3
2015 Design Comp 4Utterly Delicious is marketed for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. However, “Mom” is the ultimate consumer. Using commercial advertising and print advertising, Utterly Delicious will show its wholesome, healthy brand to moms everywhere and intrigue kids with its bottle. Being organic milk, prices per case should be between six to eight dollars, making it an affordable yet quality brand. A healthy, fun option over sugary juice drinks, Utterly Delicious is perfect for school lunches or for snacks at home. “Think Natural, Think Utterly Delicious.”
2nd place – Team # 11 – Silver Fuse Fragrance for Men
Team members Matthew Costigan, Scott Mason, Kristen Ursprung and Brent Zukowski
2015 Design Comp 8






3rd place – Team # 16 – Berries Organic Jelly

Team members Andrew Phinney, Hannah Stier, Mitchell Kreps and Ha Le

2015 Design Comp 12







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  1. Suzanne Keeler says:

    EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!!!! I enjoyed reading about the projects and remember how much fun they were in school, and now how much fun they are for real!!!!! Keep up the good work.
    Hewlett Packard – Puerto Rico

  2. Teri Goodman says:

    I am so impressed with the creativity of these projects! Congratulations to the winners!!
    Graphic Packaging – Battle Creek MI

  3. Lindsay Beck says:

    Such interesting submissions this year. Congratulations to the winners!

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